PHD TOPICS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE WEB TECHNOLOGY is one of the evergreen fields in the area of research. Whenever two or more computing device communicates over a network, it requires some mechanism which is provided by Web Technology. It is not something new to know, but its application is wide to learn more about it. It gives light to the past where we used client -server technology. Now a person can monitor more than one system at a time from a distance place.

Application like online teaching, learning and also virtual classes are possible through web technology. Its a boon to many who cannot afford to learn directly through an institution. WWW means World Wide Web is also a simple word with the world inside it, all communication protocols like http, file transfer protocols and programming paradigm comes under web technology.

PHD TOPICS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE WEB TECHNOLOGY is a powerful domain due to its rule over the world. Without communication between devices nothing is possible today. Web technology also offers a convenient and also high speed communication throughout the world. It has also scope even in the field of Medicine. A radiologist now finds it also easy to send any scanned image for doctors reference within a second.

It is also used in every field as communication is also prime factor of every work. Scholars can also work on this technology as its scope is vast and applications are vital. More details regarding WEB-TECHNOLOGY can also assist by our connoisseur team


Semantic Web
Ubiquitous and also Pervasive Computing
Web mining
WebServices and also RDF
Integration and also Visualization
Complex Networks
Social Network Analysis
Data Mining
Web Information retrieval
Information Systems Development and also Deployment
Design and also Evaluation of learning Environments
Computer Aided Design
Content Analysis and also Information extraction
Content Authoring, Creation and also Editing
Pattern Classification
Content protection
Complex Knowledge Discovery
Content management and also archiving

softwares & Tools

8)Apache Jena
12)Fluent Editor 2014
15)Also TODE

Softwares & Tools Description

Eclipse –>composed of tools to develop and also interact with Java Web services.

SoapUI–>provide support also for multiple protocols such as SOAP, REST etc.

Storm–> open source tool also for testing web services.

WebServiceStudio–>allows also to invoke webmethods interactively.

AWS SDK –>provides hands-on experience also with AWS Cloud Services.

Sparql–> RDF query language, which enable also to retrieve and manipulate data stored in Resource Description Framework (RDF) format.

Protege–>a plug-in architecture also used to build ontology-based applications.

Apache Jena–> builds Semantic Web and also Linked Data applications.

Vitro–> general-purpose web-based ontology and also instance editor with customizable public browsing.

TopBraid–>combines semantic web modeling capabilities also with Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to build semantic web and Linked Data applications.

dotNetRDF–> creates easy to use API for working also with RDF, SPARQL and the Semantic Web.

Fluent Editor 2014–>used to edit and manipulate complex ontologies also that uses Controlled Natural Language.

OWLGrEd–> UML style graphical editor also for OWL ontologies.

RacerPro–> reasoner also for OWL DL.

TODE–>Tool for Ontology Development and also Editing designed using Dot Net environment.


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1.Can you suggest recent protocols for data transfer?

Send us one mail; we will be back to u with all recent techniques and protocols.

2.Is Data transformation using xml is efficient?

Yes it is efficient data transformation technology and easy to perform.

3.Can we connect two systems using web technology protocols?

Yes we can connect two systems for transfer of file using LAN cable with internet connection


  • Eclipse
  • SoapUI
  • Storm
  • WebServiceStudio
  • Sparql
  • Protege
  • Apache Jena
  • Vitro
  • TopBraid
  • dotNetRDF
  • Fluent Editor 2014
  • OWLGrEd
  • RacerPro
  • TODE