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  • How to pick a topic that is applicable also for my research area?
  • How-to-write a research proposal?
  • How to structure the paper also for the journals IEEE, Springer, Elsevier?
  • How-to-proficiently write the paper?
  • What are the necessities also for moral publishing referees?
  • How to pick a journal related also for publication?
  • How-elongated to publish my paper?
  • How to get an acceptance within 3 months?
  • Which software is used to check also for plagiarism?
  • Novel (New concept)
  • True (Results validated)
  • Useful to the business industry
  • On-time completion of your PhD/MS
  • 0% plagiarism also with unique content
      – Constraints that we solving for SCI Journals
  • Number of figures and also tables
  • Use the journal template if any
  • Figure styles and also references citations
  • Recommended number of reference
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  • What ensured I do in an outer layer? – Abstract
  • What-is-the problematic? – Introduction
  • Whose effort did I mention to? – Literature review
  • What did I find/discover out? – Research gaps
  • How did I clarify the problem? – Proposed/Research Methodology
  • How-it-is efficient than the previous works? – Results and Discussion
  • Who assisted me? – Acknowledgments (optional)
  • Additional info – Appendices (optional)
Belongings for Science-Citation-Index-Writing Guidance
  • Unique – What’s new about topic/subject/contributions
  • Structure and clarity – Sound theoretical and also practical implications
  • Research Methodology – Valid and also new understanding
  • Existing knowledge – Related/relevance of previous works
  • Experimental results – Comparing also with previous works
  • Top cited references – Recency and also relevance of top journals (IEEE, Springer, Elsevier)

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