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  • Software defined Cloud computing is an approach used for automating the process of optimal cloud configuration by extending the concept of virtualization to all the resources in a data centre.
  • It enables easy reconfiguration and resource adaptation to enhance QOS in Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Also, It is actually an integration of Cloud computing capabilities with Software defined Networking.
  • Software defined Networking is a concept which decouples the control and management of Network from the data plane. Software defined Cloud computing is an approach, used to overcome the challenges of Cloud computing systems.
  • Building blocks for SDN based Cloud federation:
    • -OpenFlow enabled core nodes[Switch traffic between edge nodes]
    • -OpenFlow enabled cloud backbone edge nodes[connects the enterprise and also cloud provider data centre]
    • -Open Flow/SDN based controller[used to configure the flow forwarding tables in cloud backbone and provides WAN Network visualization applications]
    • -Hybrid Cloud Operation and Orchestration software[Manage enterprise and also provide data centre federation, resource management of storage/compute, inter data centre network management and also inter cloud workflow]
  • It is also a simulation framework for SDN enabled Cloud Environment
  • Used it is based on Cloudsim, used to enables the simulation of policies for the joint allocation of network and compute resources.
  • It is also capable of evaluating resource management policies which are applicable to SDN based Cloud data centers
  • Used it is to simulate cloud data center, switches, physical machines, virtual topologies and also network links to measure both performance metrics to guarantee energy consumption and also QOS to ensure cost reduction and environment conservation.
  • It provides GUI[Graphical User Interface] which simplifies the simulation configuration and also reduces the learning curves.
Openlow[Omnet framework] and iCanCloud:
  • Omnet framework provide support for SDN Openflow.
  • iCanCloud is used also for the simulation of Cloud computing systems.
  • Both can also integrated to provide the simulation of SDN based Cloud computing networking
OpenStack+ Horizon GUI:
  • Horizon[Canonical implementation of Openstack’s dashboard]
  • It also provides web based user interface to Openstack services
  • Provides consistent management across both Cloud and also SDN
  • Also, Provides Quick identification and also creation of Optimum flows from one host to another host
Juniper Conrail SDN on Ubuntu OpenStack:
  • Canonicals Cloud service modeling tool-Juju is also used to deploy Ubuntu openstack and Juniper Network contrail Networking
  • Adaptive scheduling algorithms
  • Workload scheduling algorithms
  • Resource embedding algorithms
  • Joint flow scheduling algorithm
  • Modified Floyd warshall algorithm
  • Hybrid scheduling algorithm
  • Firefly algorithm
  • SDN empowered task scheduling algorithm
  • Software defined dynamic optimization algorithm
  • Adaptive Alienated Ant algorithm
  • Markov chain process bandwidth allocation
  • Agent based dynamic load balancing algorithm.
  • Protocols like STP,OSPF,BGP, L2/L3 protocols etc
  • Open Flow protocol
  • Software defined Cloud Radio Access Network also based on small cell for efficient energy control
  • Efficient management of Multi-tenant services also in Software defined Cloud data center networks
  • Using Open Flow, Software defined cloud gateway automation system
  • Implementation of Controller farms also for Clouds based on Software defined community Networks
  • Performance differentiation also in Shared Multi-tenant cloud applications using Software defined service networking
  • Implementation of HPC and also Cloud computing data centers using Software defined Optical burst switching
  • Software defined networking also for Secure vehicular clouds using Pseudonym system
  • Data quality and QOS enhancement also in Multi-tenanted data centre clouds using Software defined Networking.

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