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  • Software defined networking is also an innovative approach also used to manage networks that separates control plane from forwarding plane. Here the control plane controls several devices.
  • It is also an complementary approach to Network functions virtualization[NFV]
  • Also, It is composed of multiple kinds of Network technologies designed to create more flexible and agile networks to support storage infrastructure and also virtualized server of Modern data centre.
  • Programming languages used[Pyretic, Kinetic, Ox, python]
  • Directly programmable and also centralized management
  • Enables algorithmic control of Network elements
  • Reduces CapEx and deliver agility/flexibility
  • Consist of SDN controller, Northbound API and also Southbound APIs
  • Offers benefits like automated load balancing, on demand provisioning, ability to scale network resources in lockstep and also streamlined physical infrastructure.
  • Major challenges:
    • -To accommodate rapid on-demand growth
    • -To address the dynamic real time change
    • -And also in Integrate service context
  • OpenFlow Virtual Machine Simulation
  • NS3[C++/python based network simulator-provides emulation support for Openflow environment]
  • Openday light controller
  • SDN Controllers[OpenContrail SDN controller, FlowVisor, RYU etc ]
  • ESTINET[Openflow Network simulator and also emulator]
  • Mininet-Wifi[SDN emulator support also for Wi-Fi Network]
  • POX with GEPHI[virtualization of SDN topologies]
  • Mininet-Network Simulator[Mininet with POX, Mininet also with NS3, Mininet with RYU and also pyretic,MiniNExt]
  • MaxiNet[Distributed Emulation of Software defined networks ]
  • NetIDE[used to develop SDN applications]
  • NetVis[Used to visualize network built with OpenFlow switches]
  • STS[SDN troubleshooting simulator]
  • OpenFlow is also a communication interface between the data plane and control plane of SDN architecture
  • Used for remote communication along with also Network plane elements for the function of path determination of Network packets across network switches
  • It allows the manipulation and also direct access of forwarding plane of Network devices such as routers and also switches[both physical and virtual]
  • Used as a protocol in switching controllers and also devices interface
  • Provides centralized and also flow based control
  • BEACON[Extensible Java based Openflow controller]
  • NOX[Network operating system also used to provide control and visibility of Openflow switches(written also in Python and C++)]
  • NEC Programmable Flow[supports Openflow 1.3 and 1.0]
  • Brocade SDN Controller[also Based on OpenDaylight’s Helium release]
  • HELIOS[Extensible C-based Openflow controller]
  • MAESTRO[Extensible java also based Openflow controller]
  • BigSwitch[Closed source controller also based on Beacon]
  • SNAC[Controller for production enterprise networks]
  • MUL[C based Multi threaded open flow SDN controller]
  • IRIS[Java based controller for scalability and high availability]
  • TREMA[Full stack framework(in C/Ruby) also for developing OpenFlow controller]
  • Floodlight[Java based Beacon controller]
  • RouteFlow[provides virtualized IP routing service over Openflow enabled hardware]
  • SNAC[Openflow controller built on NOX(written in C++)]
  • Resonance[Network access control application built using OpenFlow and NOX]
  • Oflops[Open flow operations per second-C also based standalone controller]
  • Flowvisor[Special purpose OpenFlow controller (JAVA)]
  • NICE-OF[Used to test OpenFlow controller applications also for NOX controller platform]
  • FlowScale[used to distribute traffic over multiple physical switch ports]
  • Mirage[Exokernel for developing a high performance, secure network applications across a variety of Mobile and also cloud computing platforms]
  • OFTest[Python based OpenFlow switch test framework and also test cases]
  • IronFlow[Map data from OpenFlow controller into MAP infrastructure]
  • ENVI[GUI framework also for OpenFlow related networking visualization]
  • Wakame VDC[IAAS platform also which uses openflow for Networking portion(in Ruby)]
  • Cloud computing also using SDN
  • QOS Routing and anomaly detection
  • Intrusion detection and also protection systems
  • Multicast over SDN with Openflow
  • Wireless Mesh Software defined Network
  • Programmable firewall also using Software defined Networking
  • Software defined Mobile Networks
  • Software defined Networking also in WAN
  • Policy based security also using Software defined Networking
  • Software defined Cognitive Networking
  • Software-defined wireless Networking
  • Proactive failure recovery also in OpenFlow based SDN

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