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  • In Software-Defined-Cloud-Networking is an approach used to create effective cloud environments by extending the virtualization concept to all the resources [like storage, computing and also networks] of a datacenter.
  • Major advantage of using SDC are easy reconfiguration, physical resource adaptation, enforce Service level agreements [SLA] for achieving QOS etc.
  • SDCN is used in places where the standard behavior of a switch or router is not fully optimized also for traffic flow
  • An application of SDCN includes Network visibility with VMware VXLANs/Controller, cloud control and also automation with VMTracer and ZTP, Open flow and Open virtual switches.
  • Four Major Aspects of SDCN:
    • -Multi path active Data path leaf-spine scaling
    • -Single Image L2/3 Control
    • -Single point of Management
    • -Network wide virtualization
  • Built on the top of CloudSim toolkit and written in Java
  • It also uses CloudSim capabilities of CloudSim simulation engine and also modeling computational elements of data centers.
Estinet Simulator With Cloud Simulator:
  • Software tool for Network planning, protocol development, testing and also application performance prediction.
  • Works as both Network Simulator and also Network emulator.
  • Simulates applications also with Communication tasks in CloudSim
  • Network elements like links and switches are implemented and also added in CloudSim to estimate Network transmission time.
  • It does not support SDN features completely. For this reason, we can integrate it with other SDN tools also for enhanced output.
  • Cloud management software which provides simulation and also emulation capabilities
  • To simulate Networks, separate modules can also added
  • Used to test SDN Cloud data centre controllers
  • It is also a python controller for OpenFlow SDN standard
MININET+ OMNET++ plus ICancloud:
  • Mininet is also used as SDN emulation tool to SDN controllers
  • Omnet++ and also Icancloud will provide cloud simulation capability
Other Simulation tools:
  • Ns3
  • Omnet++
  • SDN based cloud serving System
  • Task scheduling and also load balancing issues
  • Internet of Things
  • Cloud based software defined wireless body area network
  • Web applications and also computation of parallel applications
  • Software defined IOT Cloud Systems
  • Cloud based software defined wireless networks
  • Cognitive Wireless Cloud: Software defined Cognitive Radio system
  • Software defined Mobile Cloud
  • Software-defined service Networking
  • Software defined privacy
  • Wireless sensor Network also with SDC
  • 5G wireless network also in Software defined Cloud
  • Implementation of Mobile Cloud service also using Software defined exchange for virtualized Wi-Fi Network
  • Energy aware cloud and fog interplay also using wide area software defined networking
  • Implementation of Resource provisioning also in Cloud Assisted software defined wireless sensor Network
  • Evaluation and also analysis of energy efficiency of Software defined based Cloud Radio access Networks
  • Using Software defined Networking, managing home routers from Cloud
  • Software defined Networking also for Incident supporting visual cloud computing
  • QOS aware and secure architecture also for Cloud using hadoop and Software defined Networks
  • Device to device communication also using Software defined architecture for Mobile Cloud
  • Design and implementation of hierarchical software defined storage system for data intensive and also multi tenant cloud applications
  • Flexible grid optical networks with Software defined elasticity also for Baseband unit cloud interconnection
  • Service provider cooperation and also competition in SDN based cloud Networks

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