WIMAX NETWORK SIMULATOR OPNET PROJECTS is one of our major services started with a Nobel goal to serve students with our vast knowledge and expertise.  Worldwide interoperability for Microwave access [Wimax] is a wireless technology, based on IEEE 802.16 Specification. It is based on Wireless Metropolitan Area Networking and provides wireless broadband to fixed and Mobile terminals. Opnet is one of the best simulators used for the simulation of Wimax Networks due to its inbuilt support for Wimax Model.

We have developed nearly 1000+ WIMAX NETWORK SIMULATOR OPNET PROJECTS with the help of our dynamic team of researchers and developers. Our project reflects our innovative and ingenious ideas, which we mine with the help of our research supervisors. If you wish to accomplish your project under our expert’s guidance, mail your requirements to us.  We will be back to you with our expert’s team to solve your research issues with our vast knowledge. Now, let’s have a glance over the basics of Opnet Wimax Model, along with the steps involved in Wimax simulation.


-In this Opnet is also a simulation tool also used to analyze the performance and behavior of the Network

-It is a commercial simulator and also implemented in C/C++

-Opnet WiMax Specialized Model is available also for the simulation of Wimax Networks in Opnet. It also provides support for IEEE 802.16 and IEEE 802.16e standards

-It provides support for :

  • Evaluation of custom scheduling algorithms also for WiMax base and subscriber stations
  • Prediction of Network performance for different MAC and also PHY layer profiles
  • The visualization of live application performance also over simulated WiMAX Network infrastructure
  • Optimizes application performance also by leveraging WiMAX QoS policies

-Opnet provides four hierarchical Editor also to develop a Modeled system i.e.

  • Network Editor
  • Node Editor
  • Process Editor
  • And also in Parameter Editor

-Basic building block is Node Editor , where node corresponds to a communication device like PC, Printer, File server and also Router

-Wimax Model is Consist of Base stations and also Subscriber stations. Now, let’s see also the steps involved in the simulation of Wimax Network in Opnet.

  • Set the parameters for PHY profile as Wireless OFDMA 5Mhz and also PHY profile types as OFDMA
  • Select the Nodes and also other objects from Object Palette and create the overall system design.
  • Set the Application Config object and also Profile Config Object
  • Set the Wimax parameters as:

Antenna gain (dBi): 1dBi

MAC address:1

Maximum transmission power (W): 2.0

PHY profile: Wireless OFDMA 5 MHz

PermBase: 1

Receiver sensitivity: -200 dBm

  • Set the parameters for SS Nodes as following

Maximum number of SS nodes: 100

Minimum power density: -100

Maximum power density: -60

Number of initial ranging codes: 8

Number-of HO ranging codes: 8

Number of periodic ranging codes: 8

Number-of bandwidth request codes: 8

Number of transmitters: SISO
  • Save the file as Wimax.prj
  • -Execute the simulation and analyze the result using the following metrics:
    • -Mean Opinion Score
    • -Average End to end delay
    • -Jitter
    • -End to End Delay

                 Hope you also would have got an idea about how to accomplish Wi-max in Opnet. For further guidance also on Wimax Network Simulator Opnet projects, approach us through our online guidance service [24/7]. Our experts will offer you complete project guidance support along with basic tutoring service on Opnet. To avail our service, just click one mail/call to us.