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-Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave access[WIMAX] is a telecommunication technology also used to provide wireless data transmission and access to Internet/other portable device

-Key Features:
  • Transmission speed of 10 Mbps
  • Based on IEEE 802.16 family of standard, which provides fixed and mobile broadband access
  • IEEE 802.16e uses Scalable orthogonal frequency division Multiple access[SOFDMA]
  • Multiple duplexing scheme also used[Time division duplexing and frequency division duplexing]
  • Uses Connection oriented MAC[Multiple Access control] layer
  • Broadband wireless access licensed/ Unlicensed 2G also to 11 Ghz
  • Channel bandwidth[Adjustable 1.25 M to 20 Mhz]
  • Full duplex Radio technology[OFDM(256 channels)]
  • Bandwidth efficiency Modulation[<= 5 bps/Hz, BPSK, QPSK, 16, 64 and 256 QAM]
  • Encryption standard also used[Mandatory- 3DES and also optional AES]
  • Mobility Model[Mobile Wimax(IEEE 802.16e)]
  • NS2 Network Simulator
  • NS-3 Network Simulator
  • Opnet Simulator
  • Omnet++ Framework
  • And also Qualnet Simulator
  • Research proposal/ Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Background work
  • Related work/ Literature Review
  • Problem Formulation
  • Research Methodology [Algorithms, psudeocode, also mathematical equation]
  • Overall design documentation
  • Complete Code Implementation
  • Results and Interpretation[also with supported graphs/tables]
  • Overall Conclusion
  • Future Work
  • References
  • Implementation of Integrated QoS provisioning also for unified LTE- WiMAX Networks
  • QOS aware resource allocation for WiMAX Networks also using Optimized access point link selection
  • Implementation of Opportunistic scheduling approach for OFDMA based WiMAX Networks
  • Using various Mobility and Energy Model, also Comparison Analysis of WiMAX Networks with CBR traffic
  • Comparison of real and simulated network traffic also using QoS scheduling for Multimedia streaming over WiMAX Networks
  • Tuning the channel split ratio of WiMAX Networks also using learning automata
  • Optimization of time frame with PSO also using TQ/PSO schedulers in Wimax Networks
  • Analysis of cross layer based QOS Routing also based on data flow in 802.16 Wimax Networks
  • Smart Grid M2M communication also in WiMAX Networks using random access mechanism

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