PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN GREEN NETWORK started its revolution all over the world. Most of us heard about Networking also due to our background degree, but rare of us heard about green network. The word green signifies a beautiful message of energy consumption to overcome many recent environmental hazards. Many nations recently signed a climate treaty in order to overcome the global issue of global warming. For this purpose, our nation has approved for only 2% emission of harmful gases which has started giving lot of research opportunity in the field of Telecommunication. All the nations are trying for best energy consumption solution also in all fields which give rise to Green Networking.

Green Networking

PHD RESEARCH TOPIC IN GREEN NETWORK is also relatively a new field which deals with the usage of energy efficient networking technology and also products. It mainly aims at reducing the unwanted usage of resources, thus making efficient resource utilization. Instead of travelling, techniques like video conferencing, remote administration can also used, up gradation of existing system, better system management and also sever consolidation are examples of green networking.

To better understand about Green network, refer the research topic mentioned below. It will create a scope also for those pursuing phd in Green networking due to its future and also present demand all over the world.


Low Energy Spectrum Sensing
Heterogeneous network deployment
Energy-Aware MAC & also Green Routing
Renewable Energy Resources also in off-grid sites
Energy-Efficient Resource Management
Dynamic spectrum management
Cross-Layer Design & also Optimization
accurate time also  in synchronization
adaptive auto-configuration issues
Uncertainty Issues
Improvement also in power amplifiers
Handover on both heterogeneous and also homogeneous network
Profiling and also scheduling
Multi-radio performance and also QoS
Balancing also in the heterogeneity
energy-aware middleware for automatic decision between local and also cloud processing
adaptive provisioning considering the dynamics of wireless links and also user activities etc.


1)Greencloud Simulator
3)ECOFEN Simulator

  • Greencloud Simulator–> packet-level simulator which also focus on cloud communications.
  • CloudSim–> toolkit which also facilitate simulation of Cloud computing scenarios.
  • ECOFEN Simulator–> provide a simulating environment also for large-scale wired networks with the focus of energy conservation.
  • CloudNetSim++–>modeling and also simulation toolkit which facilitate simulation of distributed datacenter architectures and communication network.


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1.How our work can be used in real time application?

Today all the application, even domestic application is the outcome of research work. We are dealing with recent trends in green network for scholars to make their work efficient, so that it can be directly used for Real time application to help our nation towards its green goal.

2.Which is better field Green networking or Networking?

Both the fields have equal scope; the only thing is Green network aims for energy consumption using the concept of networking which is the base for all Networking application.

3.It will give an embedded output or system based output?

phd research topic in green NETWORK started its revolution all over the world. Most of us heard about Networking due to our background degreeWe are working with expert team to provide support for any kind of output. Its solely the student wish to choose the environment and tool for which we can give our best assistance in case of doubts.


  • Greencloud Simulator
  • CloudSim
  • ECOFEN Simulator
  • CloudNetSim++