RESEARCH TOPIC IN COMPUTER SCIENCE FOR PHD IN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING have also gained wide spread importance because of its applications in all major areas.  It is application of a systematic, disciplined, quantifiable approach for development, operation, and also maintenance of software. It is also known as the study and also application of engineering for the design, development and maintenance of software. Everything we use today is based on software and its application. Software engineering tools are the computer based tools and that are also intended to assists the software life cycle processes like computer-aided process.

In Software methods impose organization on the software engineering activity with the goal of making the activity systematic and also ultimately more likely to be successful. Thus Software Engineering Institute offers the certificates on specific topics like security, process improvement, and also software architecture.


The major SOFTWARE-ENGINEERING are Requirement prioritization, Software Effort Prediction and quality Prediction methodology. It has its impact in the field like data mining for mining the software engineering data, developing software tools and related technologies. Advanced Tools and algorithms are needed to practice RESEARCH TOPIC IN COMPUTER SCIENCE FOR PHD IN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING also which is given beneath as an ample of reference


To improve the efficiency and also quality of software production
Distributed aspects
Real time aspects
Technologies also for early life cycle steps
Dependability, Robustness, also Adaptivity
Environment support
Confident estimation
Resource estimation
Development of emerging classes of adaptive system
Rethinking also in software production
Addressing also in semantic divergence
Design complex systems also for the future
Create also in dependable software-intensive systems
Improve decision-making, evolutions, and also economics
Advancing our discipline and also research methodology
Ecologically also balanced ecosystems of software organizations etc

softwares & Tools

1)MetaCASE tool
2)CASE tools
3)RISE Editor
5)Microsoft Visio
7)Also in Sparx Systems

Softwares & Tools Description

MetaCASE tool–> application software also used to create modeling methods, languages or notations.

CASE tools–>Works also on specific tasks in the software development life-cycle.

RISE Editor–> free information modeling tool also based on model driven development.

ECO->Supports Domain-Driven-Design to increase productivity also by utilizing Object-relational mapping (ORM) and UM Modeling

Microsoft Visio–>diagramming and also vector graphics application used to represent diagram graphically.

ER/Studio–> data architecture and also database design used to manage database designs, document and also reuse data assets.

Sparx Systems –> Enterprise Architect, also used for visual modeling and design tool based on UML


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1.Can you develop new tools, if idea given?

We are developing many software products. We have dynamic team of developers ready to take any complex tool or develop a tool.

2.What type of testing you will use?

We can prefer best testing method according to the project. If students have their priority we can take that also.

3.What will be best platform to implement the project?

It depends upon individual project. We will suggest and implement the platform suggested in the project or if students ask for particular platform, we can try that also


  • MetaCASE tool
  • CASE tools
  • RISE Editor
  • ECO
  • Microsoft Visio
  • ER/Studio
  • Sparx Systems